Often when we think of Frankincense, we think of the Three Wise Men. Thought to carry prayers to Heaven by burning it, Frankincense is also being hailed as an antidepressant and contains soothing and medicinal properties. It is an antiseptic, an anti inflammatory, an astringent and expectorant and a mild sedative. Frankincense blends well with several other essential oils in the treatment of ailments such as pine, geranium, orange, cinnamon, pine, camphor, pepper, etc. In perfumes it brings a sweet and spicy warmth which gives any scent that extra layer of depth. It’s scent is also revitalizing and refreshing. In the use of aromatherapy, Frankincense aids in the improvement of circulation. It can also treat gout, arthritis and rheumatism. Also aids in the treatment of flatulence and liver problems and aids in the relief of sciatica. Frankincense must not be used under any circumstances during pregnancy.