Homeopathy Materia Medica

This page will provide the names of some of the frequently used homeopathic remedies for first aid situations, indications for their use, and some very basic information about each one. Be sure to consult a more in-depth Materia Medica to match the symptoms more perfectly to the person once the initial crisis, which may have required you to act quickly, has passed.

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CONDITIONS: Sunstroke; shock; flu; fever, with great thirst; chills; eye injuries and inflammation ; earache; headache; follows exposure to cold, dry wind, too much sun, or fright.

COMMENTS AND INDICATION: For the first stages of an illness; symptoms come on suddenly and dramatically and are accompanied by anxiety and restlessness; particularly suited for anything that is the result of shock or extreme fear and fright.


CONDITIONS: Colds; hay fever, especially with red, watery, burning eyes that have become sensitive to light; also may include dry, ticklish throat and sneezing; follows exposure to pollen, dust, animal dander, molds, or damp cold winds.

COMMENTS AND INDICATION: This remedy covers more symptoms of the common cold than any other and a cold is what the allergy and hay fever symptoms look like, also.


CONDITIONS: Hives; insect bites and stings; earache that is worse for heat; allergic swelling of face, eyelids, lips; fever; headache; joint pain; diarrhea.

COMMENTS AND INDICATION: The symptoms of Apis include burning and stinging sensations; thirstless but usually better for a cold drink; symptoms are better for cold worse for heat and touch; red fiery tongue; the person is often irritable and restless (much like a honey bee); tearful; whiny


CONDITIONS: Bruising; sprains; strains; falls; blows; sports injuries; overexertion; exhaustion; headache; pain; inflammation; bleeding; head injuries; eye injuries; joint pain; post surgery pain; shock; injuries to muscles; sore, bruised feeling all over the body.

COMMENTS AND INDICATION: Arnica is the #1 remedy for any type of injury, even if received years earlier. Keynote: the person often refuses examination, telling you they are just fine when they obviously are not. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, reduces swelling, and prevents infection and the formation of pus—amazing! It is recommended to use only the homeopathic Arnica on open wounds.