September 2022 Essential Oil Specials

September 2022 essential oil specials are LeKadence, LePatches, LeVallee, Lavender angustifolia, Myrrh and Rosalina.

Butterfly Essential Oils current specials for this month

The first blend for September is LeKadence. LeKadence improves the uptake of nutrients to the brain and nervous system. It can help alleviate exhaustion in whatever form it has taken in the body and mind. LeKadence is especially useful for recovering from deep-seated or extended illnesses.

The second blend this month is LePatches. LePatches was designed for the repair and healing of damaged tissues tendons and ligaments. LePatches is strongly anti-inflammatory, making effective in restoring motion to inflamed or swollen joints. LePatches promotes quicker and more complete healing by inducing oxygen and blood flow to the injured tissue.

The last blend of September is LeVallee. LeVallee was created specifically for rebuilding skin and muscle tissue following a severe burn. It is proving useful in other conditions involving deteriorated muscle and skin tissues. LeVallee is an emollient and is soothing to damaged skin, and should be used to combat dryness and skin irritation.

September’s first single oil special is Lavender angustafolia. Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cytophalactic and anti-spasmodic, making it effective for muscle strains and sprains, cramps and wound healing. Lavender clears excess waste products from the lymphatic system and is an aid to digestion. Lavender, or blends containing it, is used to lessen pain and promote restful sleep.

The second single this month is Myrrh. Myrrh essential oil increases perspiration during times of illness, ridding the body of toxins and cleansing the pores of the skin. Myrrh’s stimulant properties have a particular affinity for the immune system and circulation. Myrrh release congestion in the lungs and sinuses.

The last single for September is Rosalina.  Rosalina combines the calming soothing nature of lavender with the strong antibacterial anti-fungal antimicrobial properties of tea tree. Rosalina is said to be an excellent oil for respiratory tract congestion and infection. It is a gentle expectorant and is gentle on the mucous membranes as well as the skin.

Butterfly Essential Oils current specials for this month

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