Most people associate Chamomile with tea and are aware of its soothing properties but they don’t often realize that Chamomile has several other uses that extend far beyond just tea. Chamomile in its oil form is an effective antiseptic, bactericide, analgesic and a mild nerve sedative. Chamomile has a sweet and spicy, fruit scent and works well blended with bergamot, sage, lavender and neroli. Although generally non toxic, Chamomile in its oil form has been known to cause dermatitis in individuals with sensitive skin types. Chamomile as a fragrance brings with it a fruity bouquet with full bodied apple-like tones. Great for adding depth to any aromatherapy fragrances you create. In addition to Chamomile being calming and relaxing it’s also comforting, soothing and sedate. Great for treating boils, skin acne, ear ache, wounds and sensitive skin. It also helps improve blood circulation and relieve joint pain and inflammation, sprains and arthritis. Effective for treating insomnia, stress related conditions and tension headaches and migraines.